June 20, 2011

Dear Valued Customer,

Effective June 30, 2011, Entertainment One U.S. will no longer be the distributor for the SEMINAL FILMS/DA SILVA GROUP products as shown on the Product Listing attached.

The new distributor will be MVD ENTERTAINMENT GROUP. Please send all orders and return requests to the new distributor as of July 1, 2011.

The new distributor assumes responsibility for all returns after the effective date.

Product Listing

850700001292 Thank You Good Night
653496122826 Torturer, The
653496123120 Oil On Water
653496122628 No Matter What
653496122727 On The Line
653496122925 Little Bear And The Master
653496123229 When Night Falls
653496123427 Meeting David Wilson
653496123526 Flick's Chicks
653496123724 Truth About Average Guys, The
653496123823 Boys Of Summerville
653496123922 Clownstrophobia
653496124028 Last Word, The
653496124127 Dead Life: Redeux
653496124226 Bad Cops: Volume One
653496124325 American Firefighters: Volume
653496124424 Modern Love
653496124523 Junk Dreams
653496124622 211: Anna
653496124721 Float
653496124820 Paramedics Volume 1
653496124929 Bloody Faces Of Terrorism, The
653496125124 Bloodmyth
653496125223 Road Rage
653496125322 Area 51: The Alien Interview (
653496125421 Long Knives Night And Reportin
653496125520 Mutant Vampire Zombies From Th
653496125926 Born Into Sh*t
653496126022 Devil Within, The
653496126121 Shades Of Gray
653496123625 Tales From The Dead
653496126329 Why Am I Doing This?
653496126428 Lucky Days
653496126527 Ninjas Vs. Zombies

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Please contact your MVD sales representative for more information. Thank you for your cooperation during this time.