Charlie Daniels Band - Live At Rockpalast

Charlie Daniels Band - Live At Rockpalast
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Charlie Daniels Band live in concert from 1980 on West German TV!

Charlie Daniels' Rockpalast concert at Westfalenhalle, now released the first time on DVD and CD, opens with "Funky Junky", a sweeping and swinging song which wins the audience over right away. It's not the big pose that counts but "honest" handmade music, staged in an unspectacular way, yet performed in a spectacular manner.It is an entertaining feast for the ears and eyes to experience Charlie Daniels Band's 76 minute show which ends with a fiery nearly ten minute version of the country classic "Orange Blossom Special." Recorded in 1980.


"Daniels delivers an entertaining feast for the ears and eyes to experience, in a 76-minute show that contains 15 songs and ends with a fiery, almost ten minute verision of the country classic 'Orange Blossom Special.'"

"If you don't remember how damn well he can play that Les Paul gee-tar o' his'n (not to mention the violin), this DVD will searingly remind ya."

"Expertly filmed with crystal clear, colorful video, and stellar audio, this is a must have DVD for fans of the Southern Rock genre, as well as anyone into great guitar playing, which there is plenty of thanks to Charlie Daniels and Tom Crain."

Track Listing:

1. Funky Junky
2. Trudy
3. Jitterburg
4. Legend Of Wooley Swamp
5. Blindman
6. Reflections
7. El Toreador
8. No Potion For The Pain
9. In America
10. Long Haired Country Boy
11. Uneasy Rider
12. Cumberland Mountain Nr. 9
13. Devil Went Down To Georgia
14. The South's Gonna Do It Again
15. Orange Blossom Special

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