The Cruxshadows: As The Dark Against My Halo

The Crüxshadows
As The Dark Against My Halo
Available Tuesday!

Darkwave sensation The Crüxshadows return with a powerful & engaging blend of new wave, dark pop, & edgy electronica.

Powerful, hard hitting, & danceable, the latest full length from The Crüxshadows is a pristine collection of engaging & thought provoking songs about adversity, determination, & triumph. Melding together electric violins, crunchy guitars, & edgy synthesizer lines with intelligent, emotional lyrics ignited by frontman Rogue's ever distinctive voice, the disc weaves an unmistakable brand of dark alternative electronic music that gets in your head and stays there. Presented in digipack with cover art by Rogue. Contains the Billboard #1 single Quicksilver & the darkwave club hit Valkyrie.


"... Hailing from Florida, band frontman Virgil Roger du Pont aka Rogue, surrounds his dramatic 'goth metal' lyrics with catchy, synth-driven pop grooves. (...) The Cruxshadows have managed to package themselves for a certain mainstream niche."

"The lyrics are timely and poetic - you may find yourself listening to a particular passage repeatedly, somewhat stunned that the gamut of your emotions have been put to recorded music like no other artist has done in quite some time. "

"Where many others follow a formula, the The Crüxshadows offer something truly original. Fans of eighties synth-pop and new wave acts (such as Depeche Mode, Gary Numan, The Eurythmics, Duran Duran, and the like) are especially likely to enjoy The Crüxshadows. "
Dancing Ferret

Track Listing:

1. Sleepless
2. Burning
3. Quicksilver
4. The Infinite Tear
5. Indivisible
6. Porcelain
7. Angelus Everlasting
8. Sentinel
9. Matchstick Girl
10. Africanus

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