I wanted to follow up with you about Daylight, one of MVD's critically acclaimed films. Street date is next month - April 24. How many copies should I put you down for?

Daylight had a theatrical release in ten cities, garnering great press leading to 90% on Rotten Tomatoes - including a Critic's Pick from the New York Times and a ridiculous rave in Ain't It Cool News ("Haunting... terrifying... a dramatic re-invention of the contemporary horror film.")- and there also is a feature coming up next month in Fangoria.

Last summer, the trailer was featured on Youtube.com/trailers for a full month, next to a little movie called Captain America. Daylight's trailer was viewed over 35,000 times!

The DVD is pretty terrific. It features downloadable content including a separate featurette commentary by director David Barker and producer Jay van Hoy.

Van Hoy, by the way, produced the recent Oscar-nominated BEGINNERS with Christopher Plummer, so he's definitely an interesting guy.

Thank you so much! Here's MVD's page https://mvdb2b.com/s/Daylight/CP105; you can order directly there, or else email or call your MVD Sales Rep at 1 800 888 0486.