Edie Adams - Here's Edie: The Edie Adams Television Collection

Here's Edie:
The Edie Adams Television Collection

Available November 19

This DVD includes all 21 classic, groundbreaking Here's Edie & The Edie Adams Shows, in their entirety, including performances by such legends as
Sammy Davis Jr.
Duke Ellington
Count Basie
Bob Hope
Johnny Mathis
Spike Jones
Bobby Darin

& many, many more.

This set also includes classic Muriel Cigar ads; Edie's musical sketches from the Ernie Kovacs shows, plus a booklet packed with archival photos, program notes from Kovacs/Adams archivist Ben Model, appreciative words from Edie's famous friends and fans - including Sandra Bernhard, Paul "Pee-wee Herman" Reubens, and Shirley MacLaine - and an introduction from her son, Josh Mills.

In a long, storied, succesful career, Here's Edie was Edie Adams' proudest moment. Here it is, newly restored and capturing all of its sheer talent and timeless glamour.

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