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July 2013

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We'll have you seeing stars!

Brighten up your summer with the July 9 DVD and Blu-ray release of Season 3 of Portlandia, the #1 rated IFC Network comedy starring Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein! Yuck it up with their offbeat observations of life in Hipster Haven, Portland, Oregon. LOL with Season 3 guest stars Roseanne Barr, Chloe Sevigny, George Wendt, Jim Gaffigan, Jack White and more! Ten episodes, the Winter Special, deleted scenes and a guided tour of Portland comprise this comedic, gluten-free classic! Season Three—a hat trick of Portlandia!

It's a beautiful day in July when MVD can release two CDs of lilting, ethereal music from the legendary San Francisco band It's A Beautiful Day. And that day is July 2, as we come with a reworking of their classics called Beyond Dreams and the state-of-the-art Live At The Fillmore '68. And the day gets even more irie when we drop reggae dub production pioneers Sly and Robbie into the schedule. Their new protege, Stepper, accesses Sly and Robbie's riddims with Stepper's own, and ignites a dazzling debut of a dub CD called Stepper Takes A Taxi.

Did we know there was a Dutch Woodstock in 1970, or did everybody just forget in the haze? Well, MVD Entertainment has the DVD and CD chronicling smoking performances from Santana, Jefferson Airplane, Pink Floyd, T. Rex and the Byrds. High flying in Holland! And the star of the Fall is on the rise, as we release a new CD Re-Mit from the brooding British post punk band fronted by legend Mark E. Smith.

On the theatrical thriller side, MVD loads up with 5 Shells, in which two sisters try to survive the apocalypse and financial ruin to boot, with only 5 shotgun shells to survive that carnage. Will five keep them alive? And see how sweet Bubblegum And Broken Fingers can get with a roller coaster of girls, guns and crime in the Nevada desert. Definitely not barren of action!


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Portlandia Season 3

Portlandia is IFC's hit sketch comedy series created, written by, and starring Fred Armisen (SNL) and Carrie Brownstein.

SKU: BRO1979 // UPC: 778854197992


Fall - Re-Mit

Brand new album from Mark E Smith and the Fall.

SKU: CDBRED580 // UPC: 5013929158030


Tails Of Abbygail: New Friends And Adventures

The adorable live action series returns with Abbygail and friends having more adventures!

SKU: MVD5537D // UPC: 760137553793


Dutch Woodstock 1970

Featuring British and US rock royalty T-Rex, The Byrds, Santana, Jefferson Airplane, and Pink Floyd.

SKU: GZO102CD // UPC: 5060230862934


Road Hell

Life's a Journey, Hell's a Destination

SKU: IE122DVD // UPC: 878746012294


Sly & Robbie - Stepper Takes The Taxi

New and old riddims mix on this debut from Stepper

SKU: MVD5846A // UPC: 760137584629


Fun - We Are Young

In this revealing documentary we examine the journey of the world's most underrated band - Fun

SKU: CSF00124 // UPC: 827191001247


John Lennon - In His Own Words

John Lennon discusses his life in a series of interviews from the BBC archives

SKU: AG39332 // UPC: 9781471339332

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Fall - 13 Killers

13 killer tracks from early Fall

UPC: 5036436086429


Story Of Prunella

One of the most shocking and visceral New York grind house films ever!

SKU: AH4263
UPC: 612385426391



Award winning filmmaker Michael Maroy, who brought you the Cross Country Pimping series embarks on another journey.

SKU: DVDX686-5874
UPC: 718122754977

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