Supersuckers - Get The Hell

Supersuckers: Get The Hell
Available January 14

The band celebrates their 25th anniversary with their first studio album in 5 years!

The Supersuckers ninth studio album is a blistering return to their punk rock roots. Featuring 12 new soon-to-be Supersuckers classics, GET THE HELL is a tightly-focused sonic assault of big riffs, catchy hooks and raw, balls-to-the-wall rock n' roll, dripping in attitude, head-bobbing chord progressions and their trademark, tongue-in-cheek lyrics.

"If you don't like the Supersuckers, you don't like Rock-N-Roll."

"The Supersuckers understand that great rock and great country are, at least on a spiritual level, exactly the same thing."
Steve Earle

"The Supersuckers rock ferociously whenever they feel like it."
Steven Van Zandt, Little Steven's Underground Garage

Track Listing:

Get The Hell
Something About You
Fuck Up
High Tonight
Pushin' Thru
Never Let Me Down
Disaster Bastard
Bein' Bad
That's What You Get
Shut Your Face
Rock On

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