Hello indie retail!

You are very important to MVD. To show our appreciation of your ongoing support, we have launched monthly programs for indie stores, including exclusive discounts, rebates, and giveaways. Just for you.

For August, in honor or Reggae month we have an exclusive 20% POS rebate on most of our Reggae catalog, rebate for select titles from Kultur and an exciting giveaway with any puchase (1 per customer). The rebates are POS (point of sale) rebates, which means we will need you to report back the units you sell through after the promotion ends on Sept 1, 2012.

A reminder of just some of the benefits of working directly with MVD:
     - No minimum order requirements
     - No returns penalties
     - Special terms for the Coalition stores

Please contact your sales representative or our Sales Manager Janet Baker if you have any further questions on how this works. Be on the lookout for our unique offers each month. Many thanks!